Cemetery Monuments

cemetery monuments

At Design Monuments Company, we offer many different types of cemetery monuments for your loved one. Monuments are a great way to remember someone’s life by giving them the honor they deserve. Listed below are the different types of cemetery monuments that we offer:


  • Uprights– Placed on a granite base and then are set on a concrete foundation. They can vary greatly in shape and size. We offer single upright headstones and double uprights headstones. Single uprights are usually taller while double uprights are usually wider and less tall. tend to be wider than they are tall. Different cemeteries may regulate the size, shape, and colors of uprights.


  • Flat/Flush– These types of monuments lay flush with the ground. They are set on a concrete foundation several inches below the surface of the ground. You may choose a variety of colors, sizes, designs, and custom options for this type of monument


  • Bevel/Pillow– These types of monuments are similar to flat memorials but have a slightly slanted front. They often sit on a granite base and have a higher back end. There are endless varieties of shapes, sizes, and designs.


  • SlantsThere are two types of slanted monuments: “nosing” and “full face” slants. The “nosing” slants have about a two inch flat area on the front that may be polished or rock-pitched texture. “Nosing” slants can be set on a foundation or also on a granite base. “Full-faced” slants do not include a nosing on the front. “Full-faced” slants must be put on a foundation and a base. Both types can be designed in a variety of different ways.


  • Cremation– Please click on the link to learn more.


  • BronzePlease click on the link to learn more.


  • Children & Infants– All of the monuments listed above can be customized for a child or an infant. We offer many different types of designs that are meant just for children & infants. Experiencing this situation can be extremely difficult, but our trained staff we comfort you and help you make the best decision possible.



Below are some pictures of the many different types of monuments that we offer. This gallery does not include all colors, styles, or designs of all the monuments that we offer. It also does not include images of “Bronze Memorials” or “Cremation Memorials”. Please click the links above that are labeled “Cremation” or “Bronze” to view those types of memorials. Please contact or visit any of our three convenient showroom locations to learn more.  

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Below are some links to different colors and popular shapes of monuments. Please click on the link below to view them.