Design and Installation of Monuments

One of the services that our company provides is the design of all types of memorials. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in designing the monument that best reflects your loved one. Our state of the art technology will allow you the ability to design a monument in the most creative and efficient way possible. Our staff will make you aware of all the different designs that are available. This will allow our staff to properly narrow your focus to make the best choice possible for your loved one. Making the best choice is crucial because a monument is a very good way to remember someone’s life. Remember that “everyone wants to be remembered” and a monument design can ensure that your loved one is remembered.

Another service that we provide is the installation of the monument itself. After the design is complete, our trained staff of installers will then install the monument. Installation can be a very complex process due to the different grades of the ground and the weather conditions. The installation is limited in the winter months due to cold temperatures. The cold makes it difficult for the monument to set correctly. We still encourage you to purchase a monument in the winter months because it can take up to three months for it to be completed. Our trained staff of installers will ensure that the monument of your loved one is properly installed with the care and dignity they deserve.

The Types of Memorials That We Design and Install:

All Types of
Cemetery Monuments

Private Mausoleums

Private Crypts

Bronze Plaques for Cemeteries, Private/Public Mausoleums and Any Kind of Plaque Needed

Granite Signs

Memorial Statues

Plus Many More

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