Purchasing in Advance

Plan well so that you can live well.

As experienced owners in the monument industry, we strongly encourage you to purchase monuments prior to the death of loved ones. There are several points we would like to make you aware of in regarding to purchasing monuments in advance of a death.

Know the Facts
  1. The death of a loved one is a tragedy.
  2. Most families will be poorly prepared to deal with the problems that a death incurs.
  3. The decision to purchase monuments in advanced is very economically sound.
Benefits of Purchasing Monuments in Advance
  1. Togetherness– a family may decide the type and design of a monument with their loved one while they are still alive
  2. Satisfaction– The individual and family choosing their monument will have the satisfaction of choosing what they like the best
  3. Price Freezing– Purchasing monuments in advance allows the costs to be frozen at today’s price
  4. Payments– We offer the option of payments when purchasing monuments in advance
  5. Peace of Mind– When a death occurs, the grief can be tremendous. If a loved one has already bought their monument, the family can be assured that their loved one’s monument has already been taken care of. This piece of mind provides benefits far beyond the dollars spent. The only part of the monument that will be incomplete is the date of death. Our staff will make sure that this is one of the least of your worries when a death does occur.
You have two choices:
  1. You can purchase monuments in advance NOW before a death occurs
  2. You can wait until a death forces you to purchase a monument

We encourage you to make the right choice by purchasing monuments in advance.