Lettering of Monuments/Memorials

Lettering is the process of adding letters to an existing monument. Our staff can engrave a monument at the gravesite itself. We also have the ability to match any existing font, style, or language on a monument. 


There are two types of lettering that are standard throughout the world:

Sunken Letters

This is the most common form that is used today. The use of sandblasting enables the letter to be sunken into the monument without causing any damage to the monument itself. Sandblasted sunken letters allow for a very precise and elegant design. We offer many different fonts, styles, and languages to choose from.

Raised Letters

This form was extremely popular up until the early 1940s and has slowly dwindled in popularity. This is the type that requires the most skill and precision to be used. The shape of this type lettering makes it extremely difficult to match and engrave on a monument. With that being said, our staff works extra careful when engraving this type of lettering.

Our design team will work diligently with you to ensure that you choose the best type of lettering for your loved one. If you have additional questions, please contact us or visit one of our three  Design Monument Company showroom locations.